Family Tree Designers

There is a line of Family Tree Designer™ apps. This line starts from Windows 8/10 desktop app and contains Android OS mobile app for phone and tablets. Apps designed for mobile devices has limited functionalities however Trees build by these apps are fully compatible with desktop apps.

Video Players

There is a line of video players applications designed to run on Windows versions before 8.0 as well as apps designed for Windows 10 available on Windows Store. Each such a player has its own distinguish functionality making it different from other well-known popular video players.

Office Management

There is a line of office, primarily medical, management applications designed to run on Windows versions before 8.0. They allow even small medical offices to have office management system almost as powerful as hospitals have. Microsoft® Silverlight® is required.


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Miscellaneous s/w

There are several miscellaneous software products, such as PC Remote Control Plug-in and Programmer for it.

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