Player – Magnifier App

Player - Magnifier
   Video Player – Magnifier is a simple app allowing user to play back video with magnified portion of this video. Magnification level is customized. Magnified portion can be resized and/or moved “on-the-fly”.
   This App can be found useful playing back primarily low and standard definition videos.
   This App neither improves video quality nor increases video resolution.

Player - Magnifier
   Video Player - Magnifier has a minimum set of playback controls: play, pause, stop, position indicator, audio control, etc. and can be used as a video player, only. .

Player - Magnifier
    When “Repeat” checked player plays in loop mode. Audio controls allow change volume and mute audio.

Player - Magnifier
   App implements magnification level range within 1.0 – 3.0 with .5 discreet step.
   Double-click or double-tap on any place on the opened video activates magnification mode by displaying red magnification outline. Double-click or double-tap within red magnification outline hides this outline and terminates magnification mode.
   Red magnification outline can be resized and/or moved in any direction using mouse pressed or tapping on the outline or within one. .

Player - Magnifier
   As long as displaying red magnification outline is visible magnification level is controlled by the slider and reset button activated by “Zoom” button.

   Alt+Add:    Increases magnification level.
   Alt+Subtract:    Decreases magnification level.
   Escape:    Terminates full-screen mode, if any.

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