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About Appointments Scheduler

    Modern software technology and tools allows even small medical offices to have office management system almost as powerful as hospitals have and Appointment Scheduler as a first module of out growing Office Management software is proving this.
    Scheduler has intuitive, very easy to use user interface easy customizable and ready to work in conjunction with other coming Office Management modules. Scheduler can be used as web-based as well as installed on single computer or on local network; Scheduler satisfies as many HIPAA requirements as possible by mean of user roles and secures network connection.
    Scheduler shows amount of appointments assigned to the each day on its day’s pane. Scheduler makes sure there is no overlapped appointments assigned; it has very convenient appointments schedule visual representation in form of colorized strips on its day slider.
    List of appointments can be printed out.
    Archiving appointments feature allows you to keep your working space free of unnecessary information and insures appointments history to stay untouched.
    Scheduler is using Microsoft® Silverlight® technology.
Appointments Scheduler

How it works

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