Remote Plug-In

About Remote Plug-In

    PC Remote Control Plug-in component (Remote Plug-In) is implemented as C# .dll supporting MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) technology shipped with .NET Framework 4 and in Silverlight 4. Because of that this plug-in can be used by any software built on .NET 4 or Silverlight 4.
    Remote Plug-In enhances all the DVD and Video Players applications from our portfolio by adding a remote wireless control feature to all of them.
    Remote Plug-In is designed to be used with widely available and inexpensive Wireless USB Media Remote Control Controller for PC Desktop & Laptop.
Wireless USB Media Remote Control

How it works

    Following MEF technology Remote Plug-in exposes bi-directional programming interface to communicate with the application. On application start it establishes connection with Remote Plug-in by subscribing on Remote Plug-in’ events informing application about PC Remote Control key press. Each key has its unique identification supplied by Remote Plug-in as an event’ parameter, this identification is defined by Keys map hardcoded by default.
    Programming interface also includes a method requesting Remote Plug-in dll to read and to use Keys map found in the file pointed by the application instead of default Keys map. Such a Keys map file is an easy way of the Plug-in customization and having several Keys map files expands this customization range.
    The said Keys map files are created and modified by PC Remote Control Programmer.
Wireless USB Media Remote Control

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