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    There are cases when positioning within paying back single video file based on the context of this video becomes much desired or even critical. Player-Filmstrip is a very simple video playback application which allows user to build filmstrip of the currently opened video or/and the video file which is not opened, yet, so user can watch one video file and know about the context of another video file. It is not necessarily for both videos to have identical video format. User may build each of filmstrips having requested amount of frames or requested time interval between the frames. Positioning mouse on any frame within filmstrip user knows about this frame sequential number within filmstrip and this position in seconds within the video filmstrip was built from. Simple mouse double-click on any of filmstrip frame switches the video, if currently playable video is not the video filmstrip was built from, and positions video exactly to desired position keeping current playback mode. Needless to say, Player-Filmstrip can be used as a simple video playback application, too. In our portfolio we have similar Filmstrip Video Player developed for Windows 8 Apps Store. To know more about this player and its functionalities please contact us using our contact form. By default, Player-Magnifier is using DirectShow filters found on user PC, we can provide user with corresponding filters by request. Player-Magnifier was tested under Windows XP SP2 and Windows 7.

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