Split&Print for Windows

About Split&Print for Windows

    Split and Print operates with ten different standard paper sizes, it’s easy to use – just select or drag-and-drop the file you need and click on print. Split and Print has zoom in and zoom out functionality.

How it works

    App has all the controls vertically arranged on its left:
Split and Print
    As soon as new job starts by opening new image file or reopening current one, app creates list of pages to be printed out using default paper size, printer margins and current image size.
    App accepts desired paper size, margin and image size as an input parameters. App operates with ten different standard paper sizes. User selects printer margin from the list of the most common values including automatic margin value selection. . When “Auto” margins is selected app is trying to find the best margins value for minimum amount of paper.
    Printout overlap is the area outside of the cut dashed line which does not belong to the page and helps make pages sticks less noticeable when the job is assembled. For every printer margin size except “Auto” selected overlap is treated by app as “maximum desirable” – margin has priority over overlap. In case of “Auto” printer margin app does not alter selected overlap.
    Big white numbers over currently open image depict page numbers when printed, red dotted lines are the printed pages borders.
    App rebuilds current job including actual printed pages amount and size, immediately upon any of the said above parameters changed.
Split and Print
    Standard Windows 10 printer dialog allows every page to be previewed before printed out. Every page has four paper cut dashed lines – one per side.
Split and Print

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